Meet Our Sponsors

Become a Sponsor for the 30th Annual HOPE Holiday Show & Fundraiser today!

Simply right click and save image of Sponsor Page/page 3. Print and fill out, return to Michele at HOPE at your earliest convenience. The Artists and Performers of HOPE Thank You!

Questions? call #714-778-4440

We truly appreciate the donations and support from all!

Meet Our 2016/2017 Sponsors

We Thank our Platinum Sponsors

Mr. Larry Acton Mr. Williams Harvenia Mr. David Michelle
Dr. & Mrs. Victor Clayman Ms. Cindy Hein Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Renick
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Coher Mr. Scott Homan Mr. & Mrs. Glen Stillwell
Mrs. Valene Corcoran Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Johnson Ms. Carol Stone
Mr. Bob Cummins Mr. Andrew Kastins Mr. Kurt Thies
Mr. Bill Eldien Mr. & Mrs. Victor Kriss Anaheim Real Estate Association
Ms. Betty Embree Ms. Maria Kutscher Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Ms. Beverly Ham Ms. Joyce Malugeon

We Thank our Gold Sponsors

Ron Rangloe on keyboards
Mr. & Mrs. Lex Adams Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Gillion Ms. Dana Mackie
Ms. Penelope Agosta Ms. Samantha Gorrell Mr. Christopher McDonald
Mr. Anderee Berengian Mr. & Mrs. Mike Guzijan Ms. Leanne O’Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bobb Ms. Ruth Hollis Mr. Rodney Pierce
Ms. Dali Despotovic Ms. Arlene Ingalls Mr. Rob Ryan
Ms. Cori Doughty Ms. Patricia Kim Ms. Tina Ryder
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Emory Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Latimer Gold Medal Moving & Storage
Mr. Larry Gardner Ms. June McLaughlin

We Thank our Silver Sponsors

Mr. & Mrs. Max Adams Ms. Linda Fry Mr. Tommy Papa
Ms. Maxine Adams Ms. Andrea Gottschalk Ms. Carol Payne
Mr. Ryan Aeh Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Greene Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Peterson
Ms. Jennifer Argelander Ms. Amy Grimm Ms. Claretta Rainey
Ms. Margo Berdanis Ms. Chen-Li Hsia Mr. & Mrs. Matt Sauer
Mr. Jeff Black Ms. Katherine Kato Mr. & Mrs. William Schafer
Mr. Brad & Mrs. Tracy Buchhloz Mr. Curtis Kaufman Ms. Camilla Somerville
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Buehler Mr. Paul Kott Mr. Tom Tait
Ms. Patricia Cahill Mr. Sheldon Lacher Ms. Sandra Tovey
Ms. Martha Cain Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Light Mr. John Turpin
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Chandler Mr. Perry Lytton Mr. & Mrs. Peter Vaikakul
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Clayman Ms. Donita Manzo Mr. & Mrs. Dan Wamba
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Cook Ms. Jill Mazur Mr. & Mrs. Allen Weinberg
Mr. Dan Constantinide Mr. & Mrs. Russel McDonald Dev Donnely
Ms. Judith Daza Ms. Laura Meyers KW Kennedy Trucking
Mr. & Mrs. Lionel D’Luna Mr. & Mrs. Gary Miller Solmor & Gustin
Ms. Sanaz Enshaian Ms. Julie Mussche The Capital Group Companies
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Friedman Ms. Vici Nagel
Ms. Renee French Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Palacios

We Thank our Corporate Sponsors

Corporate/Foundation Sponsors

We Thank our Community Sponsors

Twintel Solutions in Orange K-Jazz Target
Twisted Vine In & Out Big 5
TCP  TCL  OC Weekly

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