Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Therapy Services at HOPE Center for the Arts are provided by accredited professionals who have completed an approved therapy program. The department supports our artists by providing a therapeutic relationship for growth. Using a holistic approach, we work in conjunction with each department at HOPE.

Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance/Movement Therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration of the individual (ADTA, 2017).

Interventions include: Sessions focus on:
Body Action Body Awareness
Kinesthetic Empathy in Observing Movement -Cognitive Skills
Rhythmic Activities Emotional Awareness and Expression
Symbolism Mind/Body Connection
Theme Development in Movements Motor Function
Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Music Therapy

Music Therapy uses evidence-based music interventions to achieve individual/group goals. Sessions are structured and adapted to create an environment for growth.

Interventions include: Sessions focus on:
Listening to Music Academic/Cognitive Functioning
Movement/Relaxation to Music Social Skills
Playing/Improvising with Instruments Emotional Awareness and Expression
Singing/Vocalization Fine/Gross motor Skills
Song Lyric Analysis Sensorimotor Skills
Songwriting/Music Composition Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

“Music therapy can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness, between isolation and interaction, between chronic pain and comfort — between demoralization and dignity.” – Barbara Crowe, Director of Music Therapy, Arizona State University.

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