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One the younger members of the Hi Hopes, Tom started showing an talent for singing at an early age. The first time his dad heard him sing was at age 4 when he started singing, Jesus Loves Me in the car while on vacation. A few years later Tom went missing and his dad found he had ridden his bike to their pastor’s house, who was accompanying him on the piano. From about that time he started singing regularly at church. One of his early memorable solo performances was when he sang for his church’s Lady’s Tea Trinity at age 10. He left them all in tears.

Tom was born with Fragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder where the X chromosome is compromised. Tom loves to sing and performs regularly with the Hi Hopes and the Hope Choir. His favorites are religious music, songs from the Disney catalog and Broadway numbers. For Hope’s in school dances he’s our resident DJ with his own system that he sets up himself. He loves to keep busy and enjoys helping out with chores around home, group home and school, and is always joyfully there to lend a helping hand. Tom loves kids – he’s a big kid himself – and loves to perform for them. He loves to imitate Kermit, Yoda, Elvis  – and the Geico Geko. He’s also a star basketball shooter – he can execute a swish from 30+ feet