Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department seeks to serve the whole person, transforming the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities through the arts, building self-esteem, fine and gross motor skills, cultivating community integration and social skills as well as building job and vocational skills.

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While all art practices are inherently therapeutic, Studio Art has a focus on cultivating artistic excellence through the discovery and development of an individual’s innate artistry.

These classes include:


Art History






Fiber Arts


Figure Drawing





HOPE Art Lab

HOPE Art Lab seeks to expand the art practices of artists with and without disabilities through artistic exchange, bridging the gap between artist and community; art world and outsider.



Artists will have a variety of on site and outside exhibition opportunities including participation in the annual VSA Festival, the biennial juried HOPE Center for the Arts exhibition CURIOUS, as well as curated and juried exhibitions for artists both with and without disabilities. All artists receive a portion of the sale of their artwork.


Past projects include:


  • Integrity House Mural
  • Very Special Arts (VSA) yarn bombing at the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, CA. 
  • S P A C E 252, a project of the Anaheim Performing Arts Center Foundation
  • Good Luck Gallery in Los Angeles, CA
  • Hope Art Gallery, located at Hope Center for the Arts

HOPE Handcrafted

HOPE Handmade (A Fine Craft Boutique) The HOPE Handmade Class offers participants the opportunity to learn a variety of fine craft techniques. Artists also learn about product marketing, sales and fulfillment of orders. All of this provides a sense of accomplishment and self-worth demonstrating the value of their creative work.


These mediums include:





Hand stitching


Mosaic fabrication




Jewelry production







 Interested in Purchasing Artwork from a HOPE Artist?  Please contact info@hope4arts or call 714.778-4440

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Horticultural Arts

Classes in the Horticultural Arts include garden design, propagation, companion planting and identification. Additionally, the care and basic concepts of edible, nonedible and useful plants are integrated into daily class activities. The class curates and designs the garden beds using seasonal and environmental awareness.  Exploration of the history, social and cultural uses of plants including and beyond food and landscaping are explored in the curriculum.

Horticultural Arts also integrates the study of biology, wildlife and ecology with an emphasis on personal and social interaction with the environment to assist the client’s closeness to earth and nature.  The Horticultural Arts class highlights the integration of art, created by nature and the client through kinetic, installation and sculptural modalities.

All of these objectives are met with an emphasis in olericulture and small scale varietal plantings in our in ground, dedicated, organic gardening beds

Our Mission

Our Mission: Through the arts, we transform the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities.
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