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The Hi Hopes are a highly-talented musical group, consisting entirely of persons with intellectual disabilities who have entertained and inspired audiences for over thirty years. Performing in many concerts across the country, appearing in numerous television programs, and playing locally for various community and business events, the Hi Hopes are truly a unique musical phenomenon.
Among Hi Hopes members are persons with Down Syndrome, Autism, Williams Syndrome, Fragile X, PKU, and other intellectual disabilities. All members of the group are extremely gifted, and many are considered musical savants, who, despite their (sometimes multiple) disabilities, have talents that approach a “genius” level and often exceed that of professional artists. Their talents are evidenced by the size of the group’s repertoire, which includes hundreds of pieces of music committed to memory.
Their TV credits are many, including ABC-TV’s Life Goes On, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and talk shows such as Geraldo, Sally, LA In The Morning, 700 Club’s Straight Talk, the CNN Network, and local news shows.
The group’s perseverance and determination is inspiring to all who have had the great opportunity to experience a Hi Hopes performance. It is impossible to walk away unaffected by the group’s infectious spirit and their love of music and entertaining. The group reveals first hand the power of the human spirit to reach out, touch, entertain, and educate through music


Paul Keuhn

Paul Keuhn sings  is the drummer for the Hi Hopes.

Howard Miller

Howard plays piano and keyboard for the band

Ron Langloe

Ron is an autistic musical savant who plays many instruments,

Carl Hough

Carl is a musical savant with perfect pitch and a highly trained ear

Cathy Acton

Cathy sings lead and backing vocals with the Hi Hopes

Our Mission

Our Mission: Through the arts, we transform the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities.
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