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Steve Enzweiler, Director of Performing Arts

Steve’s musical passion was inspired by his dad, a jazzstride pianist who introduced him to the American song book, gave him lessons, and showed him some rudiments on an inherited Spanish-American War drum. A professional musician from the age of 13, Steve’s played almost every gig imaginable, from middle school sock-hops to Big-10 Homecoming dances; smokey NYC or Chicago jazz clubs to major concert venues across the country; dates for home grown demos to studio work with grammy recipients. In between gigs, he built a successful Soho loft (NYC) based recording studio from the ground up, which he ran for several years during the 80’s. With an inclination towards making a bigger contribution, he returned to school, pursuing a BA in Psychology, and graduate studies in education, which led to a teaching position at Long Beach USD.  Steve became co-directer of the Hi Hopes when a good friend and former director of the band introduced him to the school. He was immediately struck by the immense talent – and heart – that the school and its students embodied. He knew then he wanted the school’s mission to become his. Steve feels honored to hold the position as Director of Performing Arts at Hope Center for the Arts, and is committed to building the reputation and visibility of the Hi Hopes and Hope Center.