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Richard and Paul are the 2 remaining original members of the Hi Hopes. Rich first met Paul in 1969 at Hope High School, a High School for students with special needs in Anaheim, CA. A couple of years later, Doris Walker formed the band with Rich, Paul and several others. In the early days Rich played marimba, sang back up and helped out Bill Oderkuerken (a former Hi Hopes singer) with some of Bill’s crazy stage gags.

These days Rich sings with the band and helps set up. Rich has an uncanny memory. It may take him awhile to learn something, but once it’s there, he never forgets it. He knows how to set up the electronic drum set, as well as other equipment, by himself.  He’s also given the director accurate directions to performance venues that he’s hasn’t been to for years!

Rich is an accomplished bowler and has helped his league win State Championship several times. He’s a huge Angels fan. He likes going to movies, to Disneyland (where his brother works) and on ocean cruises with his family