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Therapy Services

Are provided by accredited professionals who have completed an approved therapy program

Therapy Services department supports our Artists by providing a therapeutic relationship for growth. Using a holistic approach, we work in conjunction with each department at HOPE.

Dance/Movement Therapy

Is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration of the individual (ADTA, 2017).

Interventions include:

Body Action  which focus on Body Awareness

Kinesthetic Empathy in Observing Movement which focus on Cognetive skills

Rhythmic Activities  which focus on Emotional Awareness & Expression

Symbolism which focus on Mind / Body Connection.

Theme Development in Movements  which focus on Mind / Verbal & Non-verbal Communication


Music Therapy

Uses evidences-based music interventions to achieve individual/group goals. Sessions are structured and adapted to create an environment for growth.

Interventions include:

Listening to Music which focus on Academic/Cognitive Functioning

Movement / Relaxation to Music which focus on Social Skills

Playing / Improvising with Instruments which focus on Emotional Awareness & Expression

Singing / Vocalization focus on Fine/ Gross motor skills

Song Lyric Analysis which focus on Sensorimotor Skills

Song writting / Music Composition which focus on Verbal & Non verbal Communication.

Our Mission

Through the arts, we transform the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities.
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