Cathy Acton sings with the Hi Hopes band, and is blessed with a voice that can easily transition between pop music and opera. As a visual artist she is similarly able to transition easily between artistic mediums. Her image of a tree with deeply penetrating roots appears on the back wall of the Integrity House Mural in Santa Ana. About her print of a bird on a branch, she says, “This is my first linoleum block print. It was a lot of work, but an interesting process. I like using my imagination to create new works of art. It brings out the child in me. I also enjoy fiber art, crocheting, knitting and making soft-sculptures as well as functional objects like purses, but my passion is performing with the Hi Hopes.”

Miguel loves an artistic challenge. Often choosing highly detailed and intricate imagery, including Egyptian iconography as well as modern figurative form, Miguel translates what he sees with a variety of media. He is adept with graphite pencil as well as acrylic paint, and is able to cover several canvases in a short amount of time. Miguel also enjoys linoleum block printing, and has most recently exhibited a print with the traveling VSA exhibition in conjunction with the Festival of Arts Premier Fine Art Show in Laguna Beach, California.

Arlene’s touch is as delicate as her eyes. The artist relies on reference material depicting the human form but the image becomes transformed through her process of drawing and painting. Arlene elongates, exaggerates and dramatizes elements and invites the viewer to pay attention to details that might otherwise be overlooked.


They sparkle. They sparkle as a representation of her sincerity of spirit, and with mirth in telling a story or relaying an especially sweet memory. Luckily for viewers, her artwork similarly sparkles with that same level of sincerity. Maurica is able to accurately translate nearly any representational image put in front of her, from portraiture to landscape, but her most captivating work is derived from her own memories. From the blue and yellow hues of many of her drawings, viewers have insight into Maurica’s memories of sand, of ocean, of childhoodhide


Terry’s linoleum block prints are beautiful translations of her earnest renderings of birds and aquatic life.  She has a distinctive style combining primitive block-like shapes with a tender and fluid line quality.  Her animal figures are often solitary characters, sweet and wide-eyed, a little like Terry herself



HOPE Artist John CanadaJohn’s drawings are direct and exuberant.  His use of color is bold and graphic.  His subject matter vascillates between solitary trees and bright grinning faces.  His trees take on an almost anthropomorphic quality, like a lone figure on a hill, or a mystic on a mountain top.  He works in a variety of mediums, including printmaking and watercolor, although drawing is his go to form of expression in his artwork.  He also loves to 

Marvin is an exuberant and methodical maker of marks.  His work is completely process oriented, almost obsessive in his approach, his mark making process borders on ritual.  His process is fascinating to watch; he lines up his pencils (his palette) and selects a pencil (his preferred medium) one by one, usually in order, sometimes not.  He makes a round of circular marks before moving on to the next color.  He works the borders of his page with another set of lines creating the foundation for this rhythmical dance of color.  Almost nothing fills him with greater joy than a fresh set of pencils and a clean sheet of paper, except maybe pizza, Coke or a bag of Cheetos

Bradley’s small watercolor paintings reference caves, precious stones and magical clouds.  The artist layers thin washes that are driven by a personal logic.  There is an order in which colors are added and there is always a definite stopping point.  Bradley’s structured process, provides a beautiful juxtaposition to the ethereal nature of his chosen medium.


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Christie’s passion is to create intricate, multi-layered designs translated into a wide range of mediums.  She is equally facile in the arenas of painting and drawing as well as fiber art.  Her symmetrical compositions often portray symbolic imagery with an almost iconic treatment.  Christie also loves to dance and brings as much emotion into her dance performances as she does her visual artwork.  She credits her Grandmother as her source of inspiration.  “My Grandma was an artist and Grandma was a teacher.  She was my soul

Marty is an intuitive painter who pulls content from her dreams, memories and relationships.  Best known for her richly pigmented canvases, Marty is a brave mark maker, marching in the lineage of great painters such as Philip Guston and James Ensor.  Marty loves the ephemeral nature of watercolor but also enjoys experimenting with opacity and texture—qualities she can achieve only with acrylic paint.

Chris Friedman’s artwork is inspired by nature.  Chris’ lovely colored pencil renderings of flowers and trees land like a whisper on the page.  His work translates beautifully into linoleum block print, and was featured in the Integrity House Mural in Santa Ana.  Chris lends a bit of whimsy to his work by way of interspersing an otherwise representational color palette with softly arranged lights and darks.  “The desert bloom reminds me of Palm Springs.  I like being surrounded by nature.  I’m a very outdoorsy kind of a guy.  I enjoy drawing pictures of nature.”  Chris Friedman has been attending Hope since 2004.

Julio is obsessed with the idea of beauty as portrayed in his graphite depictions of classic movie scenes and starlets from the Golden Age of Hollywood.  Being a very particular artist, Julio’s oeuvre resides in the realm of mechanical pencil on Bristol, intimately sized at 11″ x 14″, the underlying subject matter always beauty.  Julio champions strong female figures.  Like any artist his dream is to share his work.  And like any artist his drawings are his babies.  And he likes to be surrounded by his babies.  His rendering ability borders on savant level, he methodically applies his patterns and marks in the lights and darks of his subject without a single misstep.  There is no sketching beforehand and no erasing during.  The delicate silver lines and the shapes and patterns within are reminiscent of the pixelated images and pulp paper portraits of Chuck Close.


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Karen enjoys making art for others to enjoy. She often employs circular motifs with rhythmic and repetitive motion. Watercolor is one of her favorite mediums. Green is one of her most favorite colors, perhaps in honor of her nameanimation


Richard has a particular affinity for sea life which he depicts as raindrops and stars, translating the oceans bounty into a host of heavenly beings. Colored pencil and watercolor have been his preferred mediums until a recent foray into etching, which brings a wonderful delicate quality to his

Cindy captures intricate detail in finely rendered line.  Her work is highly representational and exemplifies her artistic abilities in a variety of media, from graphite pencil, to linoleum block print, to computer-art processes.  She is an exacting artist, perfecting her craft with each composition.  Cindy’s representational style carries through to her color palette as well, rendering each object and motif, while often contrasting her subject with white negative space, leaving the viewer with a clear understanding of Cindy’s interest and focal 



Margaret’s earnest drawings of animals shine brightest when translated into linoleum block prints, one of her favorite mediums.  She is always steadfast in her striving to render a likeness of her subject.  When drawing, Margaret employs her own distinctive mark-making technique composed of a series of lines and dots applied in what appears to be an almost haphazard cacophony of marks, until they finally coalesce into the intended form or landscape she desires.  Margaret enjoys working in a wide variety of media including collage and watercolor.  Her color palette oscillates between warm oranges and saturated magentas to cooler greens and bluesanimation_


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Darryl creates an endless band of characters informed by pop culture references in his signature style.  His colorful contour lines and wide open white spaces are fast and fresh.  His characters are happy and buoyant, just like Darryl.  Darryl loves to dance and make people laugh.

Kathy loves to experiment.  Fearless and eager to try new materials, Kathy begins all of her art pieces with a big heart and full involvement.  Drawn to bold colors, Kathy creates visual imagery that makes your eyes vibrate with excitement!




Please read more about Howard on our “Stories of Transformation” site,

Katherine’s drawings and paintings reflect her interest in Egyptian art and mythology.  Particularly drawn to female queens and goddesses, Katherine’s work unpacks the great power of feminine energy.  The artist’s touch is gentle and sensitive but serves as a subversive element to her work that deals with power and authority.


Jeremy deftly renders a whole host of monsters drawn from his imagination, inspired by comic book heroes and horror film characters.  He has a particular affinity for reptilian characters.  He loves to create hybrid characters that frighten and delight.  He is equally skilled as a draftsman and a sculptor.


Donald is a keen observer of the world around him.  He easily renders his source imagery in exact detail.  He often uses a pointillist treatment when creating his landscapes.  His other love is creating figurative work based on a sort of fantasy depiction of people he has known, often depicting them as musicians of some sort.  And he loves glitter, adding it whenever and wherever he can.  He is also an accomplished musician, constantly writing original songs.


Emma’s flat use of paint has a connection to pop art—in particular, Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami.  She draws her inspiration from pop culture; predominantly Disney characters and Japanese anime.  Emma uses appropriation as a vehicle to create her own logic and populate the landscapes in which her figures live.


Please read more about Emma on our “Stories of Transformation” site,

April has a visually diverse repertoire, from portraiture to repeating patterns of geometric and nature inspired motifs. While her portraiture usually draws upon her love and admiration of family and friends, her repeating patterns are a reflection of her social butterfly nature; chatty and vibrant.

Jennifer loves to make paintings and drawings about nature.  In particular, she finds inspiration in animals.  Her most recent watercolor paintings depict birds and dolphins.  Jennifer’s paintings evoke feelings of lost childhood memories, yearning to be remembered.


Crystal’s drawings and paintings suggest embroidery and quilting.  She relies on repetition of a very simple symbol—the circle to create meditative wallpaper-like patterns.





Ben is fascinated by current events; daily enlightening others on the latest calamity, catastrophe or episode.  As a visually impaired artist, it is perhaps consistent with his love of communication that his artwork appears almost a language of sorts.  While color is often present, it is not a focal point, more an expendable accessory.  Instead, it is his use of oblique lines, layered upon one another, discordant in their sharp angles and slants, that become the focus.  At once, both complex and spare, his crooked converging lines seem to tell the story.



Hope Center for the Arts is a project of the Hi Hopes Identity Discovery Foundation, Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization


Hope Center for the Arts is a project of the Hi Hopes Identity Discovery Foundation, Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization