Become a
HOPE Artist

Abstract work of art with red, yellow, and green horizontal elements.


  • Freedom to choose classes
  • Experience and experiment with a variety of arts courses
  • Be part of a community and make friends
  • Sell your art through exhibitions and earn a commission on the sale
  • Bring your talents to the public


Programs are offered to adults ages 22+ with Intellectual Disabilities and receive Medicaid services. Prospective individuals who do not receive federal or state assistance may also pay privately to attend classes. For more information please contact HOPE at 714-778-4440 and ask for Student Services.

For those who recieve Regional Center Support:

1. Contact your case manager/service coordinator, informing them of your interest in HOPE.

2. Your case manager/service coordinator contacts our Student Services Coordinator, to set up an initial tour of our program. All visits/tours/classes will be virtual until otherwise notified. Plan to attend with either a caregiver or your case manager/service coordinator.

3. After the initial tour, if you are interested in attending HOPE, inform your case manager/service coordinator who will assist you in scheduling a formal minimum two-day assessment at HOPE.

4. Upon acceptance, the first 90 days of enrollment are a trial period. This gives you an opportunity to fully integrate into the program. Upon successful completion of the trial period, we will meet to talk about your experience and to establish your personal goals, as they relate to your interests at HOPE.

Landscape painting of snowy mountains with light blue sky and green grass in foreground.



Phone: 714-778-4440

Interested in Enrolling?

Please email our student services coordinator,
Erica at