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Hope Center for Arts


Where is HOPE Center for the Arts located?

295 E Yale Loop, Irvine, CA 92604

Office Number: (714) 778-4440
E-Mail: info@hope4arts.org

Monday – Friday 8:00AM– 2:00 PM

What is the difference between Hi Hopes Identity Discovery Foundation, Inc. and HOPE Center for the Arts?
Hi Hopes Identity Discovery Foundation, Inc. is the legal name of our nonprofit program, and HOPE Center for the Arts is our “Doing Business as” (DBA) name.
Program Questions
How does a typical day run?
There are five classes per day. Each class is 50 – 60 minutes long with a 10 minute break in between. There is a 1 hour lunch period, 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
How is the schedule laid out?
Each day is different to provide a wider variety of curriculum for our artists.
Do you serve hot lunches?
No, artists bring their own lunches. Microwaves and refrigerators are available to be used with supervision from the staff. We also have a student store which offers a variety of food items.
Do you operate year round?
Yes, observing recognized national holidays.  Please see our Events and News page for any updates.
What is your staff to student ratio?
Ratio is 1:8.
Is having talent in the arts a requirement for admittance?
No, however, individuals must have a strong interest in the arts.
Do you have residential facilities?
No, we are strictly a day program.
Do you have a multilingual staff?
We have staff with language skills that speak:  Spanish, English and American Sign Language.
Do the artists go out into the community?
Periodic enrichment field trips are taken 4-5 times per year. Performance groups entertain in community outreach performance.

Student Services Questions

What are the fewest number of days an artist can attend program?
We would like artists to attend no less than three or more days a week.
What ages do you serve?
Individuals 22 years old and older.
What disabilities do you serve?
HOPE serves adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities such as, but not limited to:  Autism, Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, among many others. Individuals must be ambulatory, capable of handling all of their personal needs and have no current aggressive behaviors.
Is there a fee to attend?
We bill the appropriate Regional Center once a month for every day the artist attends. If you are an individual who is not affiliated through regional center, you may pay individually, please contact us for further information.
What Regional Centers are you currently funded through?
Orange County, Westside, San Gabriel/Pomona and Harbor.
Do you provide transportation?
No, we don’t directly provide transportation. Arrangements for transportation can be made through Regional Center with either Accesses or Western Transit. Another option is family transportation or public transportation.
What is the enrollment process?
Enroll as an artist:

1. Contact your case manager/service coordinator, informing them of your interest in HOPE.

2. Your case manager/service coordinator contacts our Student Services Coordinator, to set up an initial tour of our program. Plan to attend with either a caregiver or your case manager/service coordinator.

3. After the initial tour, if you are interested in attending HOPE, inform your case manager/service coordinator who will assist you in scheduling a formal minimum two-day assessment at HOPE.

4. Upon acceptance, the first 90 days of enrollment are a trial period. This gives you an opportunity to fully integrate into the program. Upon successful completion of the trial period, we will meet to talk about your experience and to establish your personal goals, as they relate to your interests at HOPE.

Our Mission

Through the arts, we transform the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities.
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Hope Center for the Arts

295 E Yale Loop, Irvine, CA 92604

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